Late Autumn Walk Through the Sonian Forest No. 20, Belgium, 2019


Late Autumn Walk Through the Sonian Forest No. 20, Belgium, 2019


Once upon a time, in pre-pandemic times (2019), my wife and I visited our daughter in Brussels, Belgium.

One day my wife and daughter planned a shopping trip in Brussels. So I planned a day of photographing and hiking in nature.

After research, I found a large forest tract to the south/southeast of the city called the Sonian Forest.

Throughout the 10,920-acre forest, a network of trails and roads crisscrossed the area.

With a days’ supply of water and food in my backpack, I arrived at my destination at first light and started my hike. 

It was clear and cold, with temperatures in the upper 20’s, with a layer of fog hanging throughout the forest.

Beginning on cobblestone, my route later transitioned to single-lane gravel and dirt roads.

Navigation was easy utilizing my iPhone and the well-marked trail system.

The numbers of people out were minimal, considering how close the forest is to a significant city.

It was late autumn, most of the leaves from the abundant beech trees had already fallen. This region would be beautiful to visit when the fall colors are at their peak.

I estimated that I walked approximately 10 miles over the day.

I was only able to explore a small section of the Sonian Forest. I later found I missed that some features and attractions and hope to revisit them in the future.

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