Late Winter Evening, Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, Washington, 2021

Late Winter Evening, Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, Washington, 2021


Last week, I teased out a brief video while photographing the lighthouse at Cape Disappointment State Park, Washington.

Often, it’s weeks, months, and sometimes years before I develop my photographs. I like to process my images in phases, taking breaks in between editing. Yet, since my visit to Cape Disappointment, I wanted to share this image.

On the evening I shot this image, I set off from home, driving South on US101.

I stopped at a few locations along Willapa Bay. At none of the stops could I find a subject of visual interest. I continued the drive to the state park, hoping for warm, beautiful light.

When I arrived near the lighthouse, there was one photographer taking photos. Unless there is big surf, there are very few people visiting midweek during the winter months.

Driftwood lined the beach, where I found a large stable old-growth log which provided a steady spot for my tripod.

The ocean was calm, with small waves breaking several times a minute. Sunlight was shining on the cliffs surrounding the bay and the lighthouse above. 

Throughout the evening, I exposed various compositions using different focal lengths and varying waves and light patterns. Clear skies over the Pacific Ocean allowed the sun to shine its light until dropping below the horizon.

At sunset, my hands had become numb from the cold; however, I remained, not wanting to miss out on any photo opportunity. Refusing to return for my gloves and coat. 

Of all the images featuring beautiful sunlight, I’m sharing my favorite photo of the evening—the best combination of waves and sunlight.

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