Ocean Views, Oregon, 2020

A black and white photograph of the ocean views along US101 in Oregon.

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Our recent move to Southwest Washington has opened up some excellent touring opportunities. We’re now able to take an afternoon drive down the Oregon coast, often to Tillamook and back. Though it’s usually a family drive, I always bring my camera.

We usually stop at many of the coastal overlooks along US101, taking in the beautiful scenery. I’m always on the lookout for something interesting to photograph.

This November day, we made our way past Seaside and Cannon Beach. Soon after, we turned off at the Silver Point overlook to take in the ocean views.

It was a calm day, overcast with a minimal breeze. The cool temperatures still required the use of a light jacket—a beautiful autumn day.

My plan was to capture a photograph of the ocean, sea stack, and beach, then develop it as a black and white photograph.

While setting my focus and exposure, I noticed a person and two dogs were about to walk into the composition. Perfect! This would add a human (and animal) element to my photo, rare for me to include.

Including both the person and the dogs in the frame almost didn’t happen. The two dogs were very excited about having free rein on the beach. They took off running ahead of their owner. Luckily for me, the dogs didn’t run too far ahead, allowing me to capture them and their owner in the frame.

After this stop, we continued down the coast on our afternoon drive, enjoying a wonderful day. I’ve published a few images from the day and may have a few more to share in the future.

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