What Emotions Do Forests Evoke in You?

Late Autumn Walk Through the Sonian Forest No. 21, Belgium


What emotions do forests evoke in you?

When I share woodland photographs, I receive a wide variety of feedback. Responses range from fear to peacefulness.

The typical responses I hear are that of quietness, calmness, serenity, and introspectiveness. Sometimes enchanted and mystical.

Often I hear the fearful response, which I’m guessing stems from the lack of familiarity with the forest. Woods can be a dark place, full of danger to some individuals. Uncertainty, the unknown lurking behind a tree or bush. People with little experience in the woodlands often ask, “aren’t you afraid of bears?”

Throughout my life, my outdoor experiences have involved forests (within them or nearby). A lifetime of outdoor adventures has created a high level of comfort while among the trees.

In the woods, I find peace (except during wind storms), a time and place to recharge, clear my mind, and hear my thoughts.

Please tell me how you feel about the forest. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

About the Photo.

On a chilly day hike through the Sonian Forest near Brussels, Belgium, I found this woodland scene. The small gully in the open beech forest caught my attention, drawing the viewer off into the mist.

This is one photo from a series of 25 images taken within the Sonian Forest.

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